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Develop your visibility and your online sales on the French market, thanks to a tailor-made strategy supported by market data and effective channels.

With a profound understanding of the French market and a comprehensive approach to digital marketing, we are your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of online marketing in France.

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Comprehensive Digital Marketing Approach

At Grizzlead, we believe in a holistic approach to digital marketing, leveraging a variety of channels and strategies to achieve optimal results.

Our services are designed to cover every aspect of digital marketing, ensuring that your business receives the full spectrum of support needed to thrive in the French market.

Social Media

Engage with your French audience where they are most active. Our social media experts craft tailored strategies to connect with local communities on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

From content creation to community management, we ensure your brand resonates with the French audience.

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Content Review, Localisation, and Adaptation

Communicate effectively with your French audience. Our team of native French speakers ensures that your content is not only translated but also adapted to reflect local culture, nuances, and trends, ensuring authenticity and relevance.

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Increase your visibility on French search engines. Our SEO experts optimize your website and content to rank higher on, driving organic traffic and boosting your online presence. We employ the latest SEO techniques and best practices to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

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SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

Maximize your ROI with targeted advertising. Our SEA specialists utilize platforms like Google Ads to create and manage campaigns that reach your ideal audience in France, ensuring your advertising budget is spent efficiently.
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Tap into France’s thriving e-commerce scene. We help you navigate popular French marketplaces, ensuring your products are visible and appealing to local shoppers.

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Embark on your journey to success in France with Grizzlead. With our complete suite of digital marketing services and specialized expertise, we are equipped to help your business flourish in the French market. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your business goals.

The legal mentions are the information that allows the Internet user to identify you. The legal mentions are part of the mandatory mentions on any professional website in France and must be easily accessible. They can be inserted in your general conditions of sale (GTC) or in a dedicated page.

Required information

  • Identity of the company: company name, legal form, address of the registered office and amount of share capital. If you are a sole trader, you must provide your name, first name and address.
  • Registration number in the RCS (Registre du commerce et des sociétés) or RM (Répertoire des métiers)
  • Mail and phone number to contact your company
  • VAT identification number
  • Identity of the host: Company in charge of storing on its servers the data of the website: name or company name, address and phone number
  • If you have a regulated activity subject to authorization (e.g. pharmacy or liquor store): name and address of the authority that issued the authorization


Failure to comply with this information obligation is punishable by 1 year’s imprisonment and a 75,000 fine for sole proprietorships (including micro-entrepreneurs). The fine is increased to 375 000 for companies (SARL, SA, SAS, etc.).

The general terms and conditions of sale (GTC) provide a framework for French commercial relations. They inform your customers, in a legible and understandable way, of their rights and obligations when selling your products and/or services.

This obligation of transparency considerably reduces the risk of litigation between you and your customers. The mandatory nature and content of the general terms and conditions of sale vary depending on whether your offer of goods or services is addressed to private individuals or to professionals.


Individual customers

The terms and conditions of sale must appear on your website.

Failure to comply with this information obligation is punishable by a €3,000 fine for a sole proprietorship (including micro-entrepreneurs) and €15,000 for a company (SARL, SA, SAS, etc.).

The general sales conditions must contain the following information : 

  • Essential characteristics of the goods and/or services
  • Price including VAT : All taxes included in euros
  • Costs, date and terms of delivery
  • Terms and conditions for the execution of the contract
  • Terms of payment: authorized methods of payment and the question of late payment
  • Right of withdrawal: deadline and conditions to cancel and return the order
  • Legal guarantee of conformity and guarantee of hidden defects
  • Commercial warranty and after-sales service : cost of remote communication
  • Duration of the contract and cancellation conditions
  • Security or guarantee to be provided by the customer, if applicable
  • Minimum duration of the customer’s contractual obligations
  • Existence of a code of conduct applicable to the contract, if applicable
  • Dispute resolution procedures: court of jurisdiction and possibility of recourse to a mediator


Professional customers

Between professionals, the GSC: General Sales Conditions are optional, but they must be communicated upon request.

Refusal to communicate with them is punishable by a fine of €15 000 for a sole proprietorship (including micro-entrepreneurs) and €75 000 for a company (SARL, SA, SAS, etc.). The general sales conditions must contain the following information :

  • Price before tax: HT : Excluding taxes in euros: price lists or price calculation method
  • Discounts and rebates: price reductions, one-time promotional discounts and deferred rebates. They must be fixed according to precise and objective criteria.
  • Commercial discounts : reduction granted to a customer in case of early payment
  • Payment terms: authorized payment methods and penalties applied in case of delay
  • Delivery date and charges
  • Dispute resolution : court of jurisdiction


You also have the possibility of adding a clause of property reserve (clause which makes it possible to make correspond the date of the transfer of property with the integral payment of the price) a clause of limitation of responsibility, a clause relating to the cases of absolute necessity (exceptional, unforeseeable and irresistible event justifying to exonerate itself from an obligation, a commitment or a responsibility (for example: natural disaster for an insurance contract, death of the employee for a contract of employment…)) or the conditions of termination of the contract.

The opening of an online business in France implies respecting the obligations related to the protection of the personal data of Internet users. A personal data refers to any information relating to a natural person identified or identifiable, directly or not, thanks to an identifier or to one or several elements specific to his identity.


It can be a name, a first name, an e-mail address, a location, an identity card number, an IP address, a photo, etc. On your merchant site, you can collect this personal data to build up customer files, provided that you comply with the regulations in force.

Thus, beyond a general obligation of security and confidentiality of the collected personal data, you have 2 obligations to respect:

  • Inform the Internet user
  • Obtain his consent

Inform the user

The collection of personal data must be carried out in a transparent manner. Thus, you must inform the Internet user on your website at the time of the collection of data (when he fills in a contact form, for example) and in case of subsequent modification of their use.

You must indicate the following information:

  • Identity and contact details of the body responsible for the data processing of personal data : the Data Protection Officer (DPO), for example
  • Purpose of the processing : what the personal data collected will be used for
  • Legal basis justifying the processing : this may be the consent of the Internet user, compliance with an obligation provided for by a legal text, the execution of a contract, etc.
  • Mandatory or optional nature of the collection of personal data : the consequences for the Internet user in the event of non-provision of data
  • Recipients of personal data : who will receive and access the data
  • Duration of the storage of personal data
  • Rights of the user : right to refuse collection, right to access, rectify and delete data
  • Right of the Internet user to lodge a complaint with the Cnil
  • If necessary, the existence of a transfer of personal data to a country outside the European Union


The information must be delivered in a concise, transparent, understandable and easily accessible manner, in clear and simple terms.


The absence of one of these pieces of information is punishable by a fine of €1 500. On your website, you can use a link referring directly to the data protection policy, clearly visible on each page of the site, clearly titled (“Personal data” or “Privacy” for example). This privacy policy should be separate from the website’s general terms and conditions of sale (GTC) or general terms and conditions of use (GTU).

Obtaining the Internet user’s consent

There are situations in which informing the Internet user alone is not enough.

You must also obtain his consent when you proceed with one of the following steps:

  • Sending commercial emails (newsletter) : you must collect the explicit consent of the Internet user unless he has already purchased a similar product from your company or if he is a professional. You must also give him the means to refuse the reception of new advertisements by proposing an unsubscription at the end of the email.
  • Use of cookies : these are tracers that analyze the navigation, the movements and the consultation or consumption habits of the Internet user to allow the display of targeted advertisements. You must allow the user to consent by a clear positive act: a request for consent made by means of checkboxes is easily understandable by users.


The use of a pre-checked box presuming the individual’s consent is prohibited. The silence of the persons, which can take the form of simply continuing to browse, must be interpreted as a refusal.

You must also allow the user to make a choice by purpose. It is recommended to allow the user to give his consent independently and specifically for each purpose (customer management, satisfaction survey, prospecting operation, etc.).

It is possible to propose to the user to give his consent in a global way to a set of purposes, by integrating buttons “Accept all” or “Refuse all”, but only if all the purposes are presented beforehand.


The computer processing of data collected without consent is punishable by 5 years imprisonment and a fine of €300,000.

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Why use our digital marketing agency?

Our skills and know-how enable us to build external and internal communication that generates reliable results. Working as an expert in the field, we use our skills to study and build a strategy for your business in France.

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