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Online payments in France

The number of French buyers on the Internet continues to increase every year. To keep up with this increase, payment is evolving accordingly by adapting and digitalising. The credit card dominates online payments with 80%, followed by electronic wallets which are increasing with 11.5%.

Blog du modérateur, 2021,

Many e-commerce sites in France now offer payment in installments. This meets the growing demand of French consumers to use this service. In fact, according to a study conducted in 2021, 31% of French people have used the payment in installments option at least once a year. In France, to offer this service, it is possible to turn to two types of supplier : traditional financial organizations such as “Oney”, “Floa Bank” or “Cofidis”, or establishments specializing in this method of financing such as “PayPal”.

MoneyVox, 2022,

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