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Delivery services

Although the favourite delivery method of cyber shoppers is home delivery, used by 78% of them, collection from a third party location (relay point, post office, locker or chain shop) is also used by almost 7 out of 10 cyber shoppers.

Delivery services in France

36% of French online shoppers subscribe to a delivery service.

The most popular parcel delivery services in France :

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Journal du Net, 2015,

Home delivery is the most adopted delivery method by French online shoppers. Indeed, 86% of French consumers declare to have frequently used this mode of delivery.

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64% of French consumers consider the withdrawal point to be “the delivery method that best suits their current lifestyle”. This means of delivery is popular for several reasons: its cost, its convenience and its proximity. In fact, the withdrawal point makes it possible to limit the environmental impact by sharing the journeys.

Siècle Digital, 2021,,retrait%20d’ici%20fin%202021.

The most popular parcel delivery services in France

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Delivery methods in France

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